DirectorIt is a matter of great pride and privilege for me and for those, who were incessantly associated with a group beginning 2006, having a dream to impart the state of the art education to one and all. I feel honored that our efforts have paid through and today we have become, for which we have aspired, a group in the name and style of Growth Well Education group. At Growth Well we take pride in the spirit of innovation and a strong quest for excellence aided by our deep confidence in cultural values. We have a pivotal role in shaping our students in to leaders of tomorrow and we train them to lead not only by deeds and skills, but also by characters and values.

And last but not the least I thank all the students, their parents, the teachers, staff and all those who were directly or indirectly associated with us and have made our current growth possible. I invite you to take this journey towards excellence and self-fulfillment with us at Growth Well Education Group. I offer you my best wishes and complements for a glorious, rewarding career.



Over time, I have come to understand more clearly what makes us so special. It comes down to people. First, the academics, who account for Growth Well’s position as a leader in subjects ranging from Engineering to Biochemistry, Classics to Mathematics, Medicines toPolicy studies. Then there are the administrators, Non-teaching staff, technicians and many others who support the whole enterprise with such superb commitment and zeal. And, of course, last but not the least, there are our students an extraordinarily diverse body of people united by exceptional ability, motivation and potential. I personally fell in the famous Chinese saying “when I question & discuss, Ibegin to understand. When I go on to do, I acquire knowledge & skills. When I teach others, I master.” Therefore at Growth Well we believe in teaching & sharing all our expertise to help trainees know their strength.